The origins of Shacknasty start with a band called "Clearly Distorted".  Clearly Distorted was an alternative rock band formed in 1996 in Redding, California.  The original members were; brothers Colt and Zion Carlson on guitars, drummer Greg Johnson and bassist Jeff Berryman.

       Clearly Distorted was a young band. The oldest member, Colt was only 21 years old. But from those early beginnings, a great foundation was laid.  Songs such as "Oak Tree", "What Is Dead?", and "Helpless" were written during this time.  Although Clearly Distorted's flame burned bright, it was ultimately short lived.  By the end of Summer 1997, Clearly Distorted was no more.  In January of 1998 Shacknasty Jim rose from the ashes of Clearly Distorted. 

       Colt, Greg and Jeff formed the band "Shacknasty Jim" in January of 1998.  By this time the band was centered in Humboldt County, on the Northern California Coast.  Shawn Tayman was recruited to play lead guitar, and Ely Lindsay to handle lead vocals.  In June of 1998, Shacknasty Jim released the self-produced album "Without a Net", featuring many of the songs written during the Clearly Distorted era.

       In the fall of 1998 Ely was replaced by Kiah on vocals.  Kiah brang a new dynamic to the band.  In December of 1998 Shacknasty Jim signed their first recording contract with independent recording label "Direct Effect Records".  Shacknasty Jim's second album "Hindsight" was recorded in February of 1999.  Unfortunately by the time Hindsight was released in January of 2000, due to internal conflicts lead vocalist Kiah and founding member Jeff had exited the band.

       Kiah and Jeff were replaced by Dave Adanza on vocals and Sean Phillips on bass.  Many more gigs and music festivals were played and more songs written but Shacknasty Jim seemed to lose it's momentum and by the fall of 2000, the musical force known as Shacknasty Jim went into a long hibernation.

       In the years since, Colt, Greg, and Shawn remained close and occasionally jammed music and wrote new songs.  Nothing much came of it until 2015 when they met bass player Ray Martell and singer/songwriter Ray Altman.  Both Rays have a long history of music with Martell from the Bay Area and Altman from the Sacramento area.

       In 2016 the band now known simply as "Shacknasty" started performing live again.  The latest version of the band is the most talented and dynamic that it's ever been.  In November of 2017, Shacknasty released their album, "Destabilizer" on the Redwood Records label.  In late 2020, they will be set to release their newest album, "Singularity".

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